How to Choose the Best Door Stopper?

Why do you even need one?

Why wouldn’t you want something that protects the wall? Even if you are no Game of Thrones fan, you still need to consider door stoppers as an important gadget, an asset that can save you from a lifetime of door banging and the bangs emanating from the banging. Also, we are sure that the walls at your place are reflecting the damage that has been inflicted as a result of decades of slamming and banging. A door stopper is something that can help you immensely in hiding these scars of slamming! 

Unearthing the best one in the market!

Door stoppers are awesome, but only the best one! And in this little discussion, we are going to highlight the specs of the best one only! There are many but let us start with this one: it is compatible with nearly all materials. Wallpaper, cement, wood. It must not look like an oddity in the room, in case you are still confused! Here is another pro-tip for those looking for a door knob wall protector: measure the dimensions properly before you buy the thing.  No point in buying the one that is not compatible with your doorknob, is there? 

White is might! 

Color deception is such a rookie mistake! Black, brown, and transparent look dazzling, but only in a shop. What you must have in your mind when purchasing a door stopper is the wall at your place. We are not going to beat about the bush, we are heavily biased in favor of white. And we have our reasons too. White goes with everything, other shades don’t. It is simple, nothing too contrasting which we find nauseatingly flashy, speaking from a personal point of view! Plus, it is the black that dominates the door at houses usually and what would we not give up for a black and white combination?  

Plastic is inelastic

Speaking from a structural point of view, you want something sturdy for sure. But more importantly, you want something that won’t give in after just a few bangs. And we all know that plastic is notoriously famous for breaking at the slightest inclination of bending. No, we think what you need is a silicone door stopper. Silicone is a pretty flexible option, an elastomer that is commonly used in gadgets of this nature. Plus, it is cheap quality, and that’s what we all want to be very honest with you! 

Installation matters the most! This is the bit that most people get wrong. They end up purchasing stoppers that come with a five-page installation manual and require a complex installation protocol to be followed. No, go for something that doesn’t make you inflict more damage on your wall. How about spending money on something that doesn’t frustrate you more, for a change? Just buy that one that asks you to clean the surface and stick the door stopper on the surface. That is all, nothing more nothing less. And on this deduction from common sense, we bid you farewell! 

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