How to remove a doorknob at home?

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Kook test: Are you ok with a rusty doorknob at your place? You have passed the test if the idea torments you, keep reading if you are desperate to do something about this issue. For in this discussion, we are going to swap your annoyance with some easy to follow steps that can help you remove an unattractive doorknob at your home. Reading these lines will save you some time as well, you won’t have to stream YouTube videos, which miss the point more often than not. 

So, without further ado, let us show you the perfect way of replacing a doorknob! 

Fill your tool bag with these

Wait a minute, though. We understand you cannot wait to get rid of that ugly, rustic doorknob that practically haunts you at night. But have you got the tools that will help you accomplish this feat? Well, you are good to go if you have a head screwdriver and a measuring tape. Nothing too complicated is needed, you can relax! Oh, and of course, you will need to purchase a new doorknob. One that you actually love, unlike the one which the previous landlord of the house forced upon you. 

Grab the hand, follow the guide

Got the gear? Great, now let us get into the act. Follow the following steps to remove and replace your doorknob in a super-easy way. 

1- Measure

We know some of you lot hate the number game, but it is an act essential in your path of replacing the doorknob that you hate with all of your heart. So, be dear and measure the doorknob size, so that you can purchase the ideal fit for your door at the marketplace. 

2- Say bye to the old guy

Now, use that screwdriver we mentioned earlier to unscrew your door stopper first, and then the doorknob. Of course, here, we are optimistically assuming that you were wise enough to install a door stopper previously. But no worries, you can make amends and install a door stopper this time around, once you are done installing the new doorknob. But first, make sure that you are careful enough when you are replacing the old knobdon’t inflict door damage that you can’t handle later!

3- It is time to remove stuff

Faceplates, latches, and other screws. All of these go, and they have to go at this stage. We don’t expect you to face any difficulty at this stage, all that you have to do is gently pull the latch once you have unscrewed the faceplate. Oh, and while we are on the subject of removing things, remove the strike plate of the door frame as well.

4- We are in the installation zone

And now, we install the new boy! All that you have to do in this phase is reverse engineering. Get the faceplate latch combination right and then screw it in its proper place. Next up, install the back and the fronts of the new doorknob, and to complete the process, set up the strike plate. 

Worth it if you read it!

As much as we get your enthusiasm and let’s go do it vibe, there are a couple of points that you must remain mindful of. One, the new doorknob you are purchasing should be exactly the make that will fit your door. Second, please don’t lose the screws while you are working. Otherwise, you will get screwed! And with that caution, we bid you farewell from this discussion! 

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