How to remove door stopper from wall?

Why would you want to do that?

Alright, so you had peace in your house finally, thanks to that magnetic stopper your good old mate recommended you once. But now as the thing loses its appeal, both magnetically and visibly, daily, you might have to think about replacing you’re once highly useful magnetic door stopper with something easier going like a doorknob wall protector. How are you going to remove the previous version and install the update? By reading this step by step guide till the very end, of course. 

Removing a magnetic door stopper

Given their popularity, let us honour the magnetic door stoppers first, shall we? While they are a perfect make for most types of doors, there might come a point where you will have to think about removing slash replacing your magnetic door stopper. The reasons can be different, or the same as we mentioned in the intro! Coming towards the removal protocol without any further beating about the bush, the first step is to locate the screws. Try squinting harder around the door edges, which is their usual place. Then, unscrew them, remove the door catch, and then remove the magnetic door stop. Be careful about the screw holes you are making, you don’t want to be doing more damage than you can handle later! 

Is removing a doorknob wall protector easy?

A lot easier than most of you imagine the process like. In fact, removing a doorknob wall protector is as easy as installing them. And this ease is majorly courtesy of the adhesive nature of this product. Think of removing and installing door knob wall protectors like plugging in and plugging out an electrical socket switch. Oh, and you know what’s the big plus here? No scratches or dashes on your wall paint, which is a big relief considering how tiresome can the repair paintworks can be. 

Simple steps to remove a hinge pin door stop

Reasons for removing a door stopper of this nature can be multiple. It could be a decor adjustment, it could be a malfunctioning problem or it might be that sense has finally prevailed and you are willing to switch to more adaptable solutions like a doorknob wall protector. Anyways! Here is what you need to do. First, make sure that your door is secured in one place, fixated at one spot. Now, using a screwdriver, remove the hinge pin door stop’s screws and then slide it off. To make sure there aren’t any gaping holes left, use something like a wood filler to even out things.  

Words of wisdom

And ta-da! We are done with removing door stoppers. Of course, there are more than ten different types of door stoppers, and removal protocols are different for each of these types. But we are sure that you got the gist of the basic steps nevertheless. Before we sign off, here is a bonus tip. Buy yourself a door stopper that blends well with your house paint, will save you from a lot of trouble if there is a next time! And with that wise advice, we bid you farewell from this discussion! 

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