How to repair and prevent doorknob holes in walls?

Doorknob holes are embarrassing!

It could be a toddler banging the doors out of habit, a door with loose hinges, or even someone in your house who loves to take it out on the walls. The reasons can be numerous, but the outcome is some. Ugly holes in the wall that can not only ruin the looks but the foundations of a wall as well. Of course, the main culprit is that doorknob that hits the wall with such impact that large gaping holes are created over some time if the activity is repeated continuously! After all, everyone has to pay a price for recklessness, in one way or another.

Can you fix them? 

OK so you are at the oh-my-god-that-looks-ugly stage, which is mostly all about panic. You are joining us in this discussion because you have finally realized how distasteful does that hole behind your door really looks. What is more, you can’t hide it using the angles all the time as well. I need to do something about that doorknob hole is the only thought that has you possessed. Well, you can relax. There are more than one ways to repair and prevent such holes in the future. 

It is these solutions that we talk about in the following lines.

1-Wake up the artist inside you!

What happened to your creativity? We mean to say, fine there are solutions that you can shop for, and we will talk about them in a minute as well. But how about coming up with a decorative patch of your own? An artistic intervention will certainly be more pleasing on the eye than say, something sandy? We are a big fan of flowers, but we are not sure that is a feasible idea if the hole is of considerable size. Whatever you go for, just make sure that the shade scheme aligns well with the paint of your wall. 

2-Shop for a doorknob protector

We love to call it the quick fix! All that you have to do is purchase a door stopper, and stick it behind your doorknob, on the wall. Please note that we care about your wallet, and this is about as cheap a quality solution gets. Not more than seven dollars! Plus, it is super easy to set up a doorknob wall protector as well. Just make sure that you do get the spot of the stopper, spot on. Doing that has another advantage as well, we will reveal that in a minute. The ultimate result is what we are after, anyways, don’t you worry on that front! 

3-DIY kits

These are a popular way of dealing with the doorknob holes as well. Though we take it, you are not going to like the mess sand and wood can create at first. Nevertheless, in terms of sturdiness, these solutions are a viable option as well, so don’t discard the idea altogether. 

Wishing for whole walls over wall holes?

Well, we have mentioned some smart solutions for your not so smart act of banging the doors. The problem is sorted for now, but if you are going to find not banging the doors hard, then you should consider a door stopper in any case. Not only do these cover up your current wall woes, but these also ensure that the impact of the future bangs is minimized to the least. If that ain’t the good news, then what is? 

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