How to spray paint door knobs?


Designing your home is no doubt exciting and fun but at the same time, it can be overwhelming. So many things are going on in one’s mind regarding its designs, ideas, furniture and above all the budget. The most important thing is finding the right ways and the right place to carry on with all the ideas according to one’s expectations. Small changes in one’s place can come out very nicely and change the entire look of the house. Making it minimal and simple automatically makes it look more chic. Some basic hacks include customizing the wallpapers, changing the curtains, putting lights below the kitchen cabinets, placing some plants around, hanging some tropical décor pieces on the ceiling, recycling some old furniture, re-organizing the bookshelves, creating a small bookcase etc. 

A basic hack to is to revamp the door knobs to add a personal touch to your home. Either one can spray paint them or even replace them with a new door knob. Make sure to also coat the door stopper with the same spray paint to tie the whole look together. Consider installing a new door knob or door stopper in your bedrooms. You can buy them for a very reasonable price from a thrift store. Apply a nice coating of solid spray paint like matte black, nickel or oil rubbed bronze to give it a fresher look. It will give a new and shiny look to the door knob and door stopper.  

Steps to Spray Paint the Door Knobs: 

Door knobs can be easily painted. Here is the simple and easy way to spray paint the door knobs:

  • Firstly you have to remove the previous door knob: You have to remove the previous door knobs and keep the latch and nails aside.
  • Wash the handles: Clean and degrease the handles properly.
  • Tape the latch: Tap the latch with the masking tape.
  • Arrange the door handles and hardware for priming: After they are dried, place them on a cardboard or a table. Pick one at a time and spray the underside while holding the handle with the gloved handle. 
  • Spray paint the door handles: After letting the primer dry overnight, spray paint the handles in the same manner you primed them.
  • Let Cure and Reinstall: As both the doorknob and handles are highly used items so they should be allowed to cure for a few days before reinstalling them so they can be used for as long as possible. 

Above given is the procedure which is followed usually to spray paint the knobs and door stoppers. It is a very convenient way for everyone to get their doorknobs changed easily at home. Also, it saves one’s budget and the person can makeover the house completely with this simple hack. There are many other procedures to carry out as well in order to renew the look of the doorknobs.


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