ProStoppr – The Ultimate Solution For the Protection of Your Doors and Walls

The noise of the door slamming shut suddenly by a gust of wind can be really annoying and can get on your nerves especially when you are back home after a long, tiring day. Also if you have small babies, pets, or old people living at your home, you need to always be around to open and close the door to make sure there are no accidents. But it is not possible to be present at all times! A door stopper is just the perfect solution to your problem. You may wonder what exactly is a door stopper. A wall door Stopper keeps the door in place by limiting its movement. It also acts as a shield, protecting the wall from getting damaged by the constant contact of the doorknob with the wall.

There are so many reasons why ProStoppr is one of the best door stoppers out of all the different options on Amazon. The ProStoppr not only works as a door knob stopper for walls but it is also designed to work as a door wall protector. That is because it provides a slight cushioning to stop the doorknob from leaving marks or dents and damaging the wall when the door touches the wall. So without further ado let’s take a look at the features of the ProStoppr wall door protector.

Door Stopper Protector
  • ProStoppr works as a door knob protector plate with a soft rubber silicone body.
  • 3M adhesive on the ProStoppr door stop protector sticks perfectly on any kind of surface, be it metal, ceramic, wood, glass, or even wallpaper.
  • It has a very easy installation process, and you don’t need any special tools to install the knob protector.
  • To install, just use a cloth to clean and dry the area, peel off the sticker and stick it on the place where the knob touches the wall to prevent the door from hitting the wall.
  • ProStoppr works to provide a cushioning behind door knobs, refrigerator doors, cabinets, etc.
  • In one pack of ProStoppr, you get three different door knob wall protectors.

Product Review

ProStoppr is an effective and very easy-to-use product. The door knob wall protector, white in colour, has a round shape with a soft silicone rubber body. The compact round door handle wall protector has an effortless and straightforward installation, which can be done without any tools. Just wipe clean the wall, peel off the sticker and place it on the right spot where the doorknob comes in contact with the wall. The door knob covers to prevent wall damage by providing the right amount of cushioning to prevent any dents, cracks, and scratches on the wall., Due to the compact size and the  muted color of ProStoppr, it also goes well with the decor of your room without looking out of place. Plus, the strong 3M adhesive sticks on almost any surface, be it metal, ceramic, glass, or even wallpaper. Another advantage about ProStoppr is that one pack contains three pieces of the product that can be used in three different areas. Super durable and easy to use, ProStoppr is just what you need to keep your door in place!

Benefits of using ProStoppr

ProStoppr doesn’t just work as a wall door Stopper, but there are so many other advantages of using it, such as:..

  • Prevent Unnecessary Accidents

You should get a ProStoppr door knob protector for your home, especially if you have pets or babies. The door stop wall protector ensures that the door stays put and doesn’t get closed suddenly or unexpectedly by a gust of wind. It prevents any unnecessary accidents caused by doors suddenly closing on pets or small babies. So get ProStoppr and keep your family safe and protected.

  • Add to the aesthetics of your place.

The ProStoppr has a very compact design that is super easy to install. Plus, the door stop wall protector’s small round shape has a design that goes well with your place’s theme and aesthetics without standing out amongst all the things. 

  • Versatile use

The ProStoppr is the best thing that stops the door from hitting the wall. Not only this, but the rounded compact design also gives it a very versatile use. You can stick it on the wall to prevent the corners or your beds or tables or other furniture from damaging and making dents in the wall.

  • Easy Installation

The best thing about the ProStoppr is it’s easy installation. You can use it as one of your DIY projects. Just wipe clean the area on your wall where you want to fit the ProStoppr. The strong adhesive on the ProStoppr wall protector from door knobs has a very firm grip on the wall. 

  • Noise Reduction

The soft silicone body of the door knob wall protector plate not only works to prevent the door from hitting the wall, but it provides ample cushioning to absorb the shock and noise caused by the slamming of doors.

Final Verdict

 Though there are so many different door knob wall protectors available on Amazon with almost all having the same function that is to stop the door from hitting the wall. However, most of these door knob wall protectors are difficult to install, and you need special tools to fix them in place. This is what makes ProStoppr stand out among all the other options of wall protector for door knobs. The ProStoppr is very user friendly and easy to install, giving just the right amount of cushioning needed to prevent the door from hitting the wall. Not only this but the ProStoppr has a very versatile use. The adhesive is extremely durable to work perfectly on any kind of surface. Plus, the use of the ProStoppr is not just limited to doors. You can use it anywhere you want to prevent damage from scratches and dents. So what are you waiting for? Just get ProStoppr now!


A door stopper’s primary purpose is to prevent the door from hitting the wall by keeping it fixed in one place. The wall door knob stoppers also prevent the door from shutting off suddenly and unexpectedly. It is especially recommended for people who have elderly people, pets, or babies at home.

The right place to install a wall door knob protector is where the doorknob or the corner of the furniture comes in contact with the wall. It is because this is the place that can get damaged due to the sudden movement and repeated impact of the doorknob or the furniture corner on the wall.

To stop a door from hitting the wall, the best solution is to use a circle door stopper, just like the Prostopper. This round knob protector should have a bigger size than the doorknob to absorb the shock and impact of the door hitting the wall. It also covers the damage previously caused by the doorknob hitting the wall and prevents any further damage.

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