ProStoppr serves as a bulwark against pinnacle objects

Door stopper? More like a show-stopper

Featured Product

Door Stopper Wall Protector 2” (3 Pack) - Clear Door Bumpers with Strong Adhesive Glue - Shock Absorbent and Discreet Wall Protectors from Door Knobs

Key Features:

  • The strong adhesive on the door stop protector sticks perfectly on any kind of surface, be it metal, ceramic, wood, glass, or even wallpaper.
  • It has a very easy installation process, and you don’t need any special tools to install the knob protector.
  • To install, just use a cloth to clean and dry the area, peel off the sticker and stick it on the place where the knob touches the wall to prevent the door from hitting the wall.
  • ProStoppr works to provide cushioning behind door knobs, refrigerator doors, cabinets, etc.

About us

We specialize in items that will glamorize your home with ease.
Maintaining a home is a continuous effort but certain areas often get forgotten. We noticed that walls are one such space that gets little care. We wanted to come up with an all-in-one solution that would offer the walls in the protection of your home. ProStoppr is a small door bumper that sticks on your walls to protect them from door knob damage. It also stops doors from constant banging, reducing noise levels in your homes. It is also ideal for families with children where the door banging can be a safety concern.
Our brand’s logo shows the ultimate symbol of power and strength: a bull. Our stopper is guaranteed to be as strong and durable. Extremely easy to install, it’s a one-time investment for the protection and enhancement of your walls.


A door stopper’s primary purpose is to prevent the door from hitting the wall by keeping it fixed in one place. The wall door knob stoppers also prevent the door from shutting off suddenly and unexpectedly. It is especially recommended for people who have elderly people, pets, or babies at home.

The right place to install a wall door knob protector is where the doorknob or the corner of the furniture comes in contact with the wall. It is because this is the place that can get damaged due to the sudden movement and repeated impact of the doorknob or the furniture corner on the wall.

To stop a door from hitting the wall, the best solution is to use a circle door stopper, just like the ProStoppr. This round knob protector should have a bigger size than the doorknob to absorb the shock and impact of the door hitting the wall. It also covers the damage previously caused by the doorknob hitting the wall and prevents any further damage.